slick tips about 
dog rescues
by shirley Slick

Upper photo:

Peanut, on the left, was nine years old in this photo and was adopted from Four Paws Dog Rescue in Colorado Springs. She is a Boston mix--and, yes, her tongue is out most of the time. In 2014, she was stolen by my now-ex partner.  Sassy was four months old in this photo and was adopted from the Colorado Springs Humane Society. She is now 4 years old and is the light of my life! She is a Sheltie mix, although I have no idea what that mix is! Both dogs were wonderful additions to my family.  I miss you, Peanut! I’m sorry I couldn’t save you, although I  will never stop trying!

Lower photo:

I finally got my Sheltie, Sasha, thanks to Lucky Dog Rescue here in Colorado Springs. I had taken Sassy to Puppy class at Lucky Dog, so the people there knew about my bad experience and my desire for a Sheltie. Sasha, originally named Yuna, came to Lucky Dog by way of Korea. She is now 5 years old. Unfortunately, due to the issues with my ex, I am temporarily in a small apartment. Sasha’s many early problems have made it impossible for her to live here safely, so she is back with Lucky Dog. Hopefully, I can get her back when I can relocate to a safe place for her.  I miss you, too, Sasha!

This site is about all the things I have learned about puppy mills, dog rescue groups, designer dogs, and the No Kill Movement.

It is dedicated to my three rescues dogs:

Peanut, Sassy, and Sasha.

Peanut and Sassy